Jackie Marshall-Cyrus

Jackie Marshall-Cyrus, FRSA

Ageing and Independent Living Innovation Specialist






Jackie Marshall-Cyrus & Associates Ltd is a boutique consulting agency. We thrive on giving our clients the edge. We work with companies and organisations across a wide range of sectors committed to harnessing opportunities in the older consumer market. We are specialists in:

  • Ageing and the Older Consumer
  • Independent Living and Independent Living Technologies
  • Innovation for Health and Social Care, Wellbeing, and Later Lifestyles
  • Business Innovation Strategy and Programme Management
  • Design for Later Life and Age-related Conditions
  • Business Support and Mentoring

We help you gain in-depth insight into the lives of the older adult consumer. We help you get it right from the start by providing reality based and immersive understanding of what makes adult consumers tick. We help you identify unrecognised and untapped aspirations, wishes and desires of older adults, their families, and carers. We help you create, design, develop, and commercialise high value, innovative, life-enhancing solutions for advanced lifestyles.