Why are we

so scared of

growing old?


the face
of ageing

Why do we deny people joy and their human rights under the guise of age?

Why be gratefully accepting of structures and systems that are not fit for purpose or sustainable?

Why do we continue to relegate our people to institutional ghettos?

Why are friends and relatives who need caring for being sentenced to dribble away the rest of their lives?

Why are we afraid to overturn the status quo?

We have a 19th century perception.

Yet we live in the 21st-century where we hang on for dear life to ideologies and approaches to health and care that date back hundreds of years.

Our collective fear and anxiety about the end of life, dying, and losing power over our own lives, compels us to remain in a collective state of denial and inaction.

We are failing to use our imagination, think creatively, and act courageously to craft a brighter future for ourselves and the generations that will follow us.

Yet our imagination and techonology is astonishing.

We can land robots on comets, build smart homes that respond to our moods and chat face-to-face with our friends around the world. We can even give someone a new heart.

But we are yet to create generous environments for later life that are inspired by delightful experiences.

It’s time for change.

Every generation assumes they will handle ageing better and that increased awareness and scientific advancement will transform their approach.

Yet the mind-set of our governments, institutions, public services, and service providers remain mired in mediocrity. There is a refusal to embrace radical strategies, existing technologies and innovations in other sectors that will be game-changers, putting people first.

We must innovate for our age and no matter who you are or what you do, you have a stake in this.

How I can help you.

I challenge convention. I open up difficult conversations and help people and providers see the familiar in unfamiliar ways.

I encourage organisations to imagine,innovate, motivate and implement big ideas. Change is uncomfortable but if we set the pace, then governments and investment will follow.

If you are committed, we can work together to break the chains of mediocrity, the substandard and ill-conceived notions that hold sway over the wondrous times we live in, and our individual journeys through life and prove that it’s possible to make a profit out of joy.

Why I’m the best person for
the job.

I am a thought leader on innovating for ageing and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I spent over 8 years working with Innovate UK as the Lead Specialist for Independent Living, changing the dynamics of social, economic and technological innovation in the UK and across Europe. I designed national and international innovation challenges for demographic change resulting in significant growth and development of micro-businesses, SMEs, and large organisations.

The sector expertise I possess is as a result of over 30 years experience nursing older adults in rehabilitative and intermediate care settings, and over 3 years designing and delivering pre-registration nursing education on the subject. I am an RGN and a Nurse Educator, with my research interests being the Sexuality and Sexual Health of older adults.



I believe in asking why and showing how.

I believe in working with the reality of people’s lives
and not with entrenched myths, stereotypes and
assumptions. I’m changing the face of ageing.