I challenge conventional thinking and ways of doing things. I lead and inspire the people I work with to re-imagine, re-define, and re-design their ideas and approaches for change and commercial success.

I identify the big problems people may not necessarily know they have. When the problems are well-defined, I help people to see the familiar in unfamiliar ways. After the ‘Eureka’ moment, we work together to develop innovative, workable, and sustainable solutions.

I work with others to form unusual collaborations aimed at forging real innovative and disruptive potential for small and large scale commercial success. I possess a unique perspective on the social constructs of ‘old age’ and ‘ageing’. I know the pain experienced by older adults (erosion of personhood and dignity) and companies (poorly understood customer base, convention, and limited commercial success).


I completed my nurse training in Trinidad and Tobago in 1987 and migrated to the UK in 1999 where I practiced nursing older adults in Rehabilitative and Intermediate Care settings until 2006. In 2005 I completed a BSc Degree in Nursing (First Class Honors) and in 2007 went on to complete a Masters’ degree in Education (Nursing, Health visiting and Midwifery). I held the posts of Senior Lecturer and Module Leader at Buckinghamshire New University between 2006–2008. I then went on to join Innovate UK as Lead Specialist on the Independent Living Innovation Platform until September 2016. I became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Director of `Innovation Strategy at Jackie Marshall-Cyrus & Associates in September 2016.


Professional Qualifications

Masters Degree in  Education (Ma Ed) – Nursing, Midwifery, & Health Visiting

Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PG Dip) – Nursing, Midwifery & Health Visiting

Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) First Class Honours – Nursing

Diploma in Healthcare – Nursing

General Certificate in Adult Nursing


Professional Qualifications

Registered Adult Nurse – 1987 to present day

Registered Nurse Teacher –  2005 to present day

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts –  2016 to present day


Key professional achievements

Designed and delivered multiple business-focused disruptive innovation challenges in the UK and across the EU. These include:

The Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme Research and Development Calls – member of the Contents Working Group and Core Working Group (2008–2014)

Independence Matters: Design & Technology Improving Quality of Life, a £2 million collaboration with the Design Council (2010–2012).

Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale (dallas), a £34.3 million collaboration with the Scottish Government, NIHR, and Innovate UK (2012–2015).

The Long Term Care Revolution Sandpit challenge, a £2.7 million SBRI competition at Innovate UK (2013–2014).

The Long Term Care Revolution National Challenge, a £5 million SBRI competition at Innovate UK (2015–2016).


Business info

Director – Jackie Marshall-Cyrus FRSA

Founded on 22nd September 2016
Company number: 10389368
Registered office: Graeme House, Derby Square, Liverpool, L2 7ZH